Devils and Demons have pointed ears too


I previously considered the dwarves and other creatures of Northern European folklore that are short stocky that are good candidates for racial memories of Neanderthals and made the prediction that if they are ever cloned they will have pointed ears. Following on from this, I realised that the devils and demons of Judeao – Christian mythology are also often described with pointed ears. If my theory is correct this would be expected as the first and most prolonged contact between Neanderthals and our Cro-Magnon ancestors occurred in the Middle East along the Levant where these cultures originated, following their migration north from Africa around 50,000 years ago.

A control on this would be consideration of East Asian and other cultures that did not come in to contact with Neanderthals. Do they have a “pointed eared” mythology ? I would be extremely grateful for information on this from the readers. I would suspect that stories from the Indian sub continent would not count as the people currently living there are of caucasian extraction and would probably¬†have shared the migration route through the Levant.


~ by ambulocetus27 on October 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Devils and Demons have pointed ears too”

  1. Look at the many orc-like creatures of Asian mythologies. Among these: The Oni, which wear animal skins, have pointed ears, fierce grimacing faces, and are either red or blue. They wield clubs, and when one is not properly ‘human’ and polite, they are said to be thinking like Oni.

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