Faster than light Neutrinos – some ideas

Recent experiments between the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva and the OPERA detector at Gran Sasso in Italy have shown surprising results with Neutrinos travelling faster than light (covering the 730km distance 60ns faster than a photon).

The press has been full of hysteria that Einstein was wrong and relativity theory will have to be thrown away as nothing can travel faster than light. However, physics does allow for the observed phenomena, the following are a couple of my suggestions as to how this can be explained.

1) Quantum teleport

Heisenbergs uncertainty principle dictates that the position of fundamental particles cannot be measured precisely; they are not points of matter, more like fuzzy clouds. Interestingly, if a particle encounters an impassable barrier and the extent of its “fuzzy position” cloud is wider than the barrier, then it is permitted under quantum laws to instantaneously teleport to the other side of the barrier. This effect has been demonstrated in the laboratory using a series of barriers whose thickness means the particle has covered a greater distance in a specified time than a particle of light could have done.

If Neutrinos travelling from Geneva to Gran Sasso encounter an atomic nucleus as they pass through the rock of mountains, then perhaps they could teleport and instantaneously travel a greater distance.

2) Tachyons

Einsteins relativity does allow for a class of particles that can travel faster than the speed of light called Tachyons (as opposed to Tardyons that travel slower than light). These particles have negative mass, with larger values giving greater velocity).

The mass of the Neutrino has proved difficult to measure, with some uncertainty as to whether it has a mass at all. I suggest that the Neutrino may in fact have a small negative mass, allowing Tachyon type faster than light travel.

It is postulated that Neutrinos can flip between states, changing into three different types (Electron, Muon and Tau Neutrinos). It may be that other as yet undetermined states are possible, including those with negative mass.


~ by ambulocetus27 on October 5, 2011.

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