Told you so ! Neutrinos may be tachyons !

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Faster than light Neutrinos – some ideas

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Recent experiments between the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva and the OPERA detector at Gran Sasso in Italy have shown surprising results with Neutrinos travelling faster than light (covering the 730km distance 60ns faster than a photon).

The press has been full of hysteria that Einstein was wrong and relativity theory will have to be thrown away as nothing can travel faster than light. However, physics does allow for the observed phenomena, the following are a couple of my suggestions as to how this can be explained.

1) Quantum teleport

Heisenbergs uncertainty principle dictates that the position of fundamental particles cannot be measured precisely; they are not points of matter, more like fuzzy clouds. Interestingly, if a particle encounters an impassable barrier and the extent of its “fuzzy position” cloud is wider than the barrier, then it is permitted under quantum laws to instantaneously teleport to the other side of the barrier. This effect has been demonstrated in the laboratory using a series of barriers whose thickness means the particle has covered a greater distance in a specified time than a particle of light could have done.

If Neutrinos travelling from Geneva to Gran Sasso encounter an atomic nucleus as they pass through the rock of mountains, then perhaps they could teleport and instantaneously travel a greater distance.

2) Tachyons

Einsteins relativity does allow for a class of particles that can travel faster than the speed of light called Tachyons (as opposed to Tardyons that travel slower than light). These particles have negative mass, with larger values giving greater velocity).

The mass of the Neutrino has proved difficult to measure, with some uncertainty as to whether it has a mass at all. I suggest that the Neutrino may in fact have a small negative mass, allowing Tachyon type faster than light travel.

It is postulated that Neutrinos can flip between states, changing into three different types (Electron, Muon and Tau Neutrinos). It may be that other as yet undetermined states are possible, including those with negative mass.

An answer to the Fermi paradox ?

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Mad as it sounds, could this be the answer to the Fermi Paradox ? Why are there no alien civilisations that we can see ? It used to be commonly assumed that they all developed nuclear weapons and wiped themselves out before they achieved interstellar spaceflight. However, as humanity leaves the cold war it seems to have survived this challenge. An alternative explanation is that all advanced civilisations question the nature of the universe that they live in, so building ever more powerful particle accelerators. Ultimately, do they uncover aspects of physics that destroys their civilisation ? (such as creating a black hole which consumes their home planet).

As the article below shows, recent failures at the LHC have begun to arouse the suspicions of more imaginative scientists. Could the failures be sabotage caused by other scientists in the future intent on preventing the experiment from happening, in order to prevent the destruction of mankind ?

Quoted from

LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure

‘Birdy bread-bomber from the future’ involved?

By Lewis PageGet more from this author

Posted in Physics, 2nd December 2009 10:00GMT

Exclusive The Large Hadron Collider – most puissant particle-punisher ever assembled by the human race – has suffered another major power failure, knocking not only the atomsmasher itself but even its associated websites offline. The machine remains unserviceable at present. However its crucial cryogenics seem to have been unaffected, and no catastrophic damage is thought to have occurred.

The component believed to have downed the LHC

No baguette visible this time.

News of the outage emerged when keen amateur LHC-watchers (at independent site the LHC Portal) noticed that most of CERN’s web presence related to the Collider had disappeared. Presently much of it returned, and with it came an official account of events released by control-room staff.

It appears that a failure occurred at 01:23 Swiss time this morning in an 18,000-volt power line at the Meyrin site above the mighty collider’s subterranean circuit. This caused a power cut across the site, shutting down the main computer centre among other things and causing an abrupt cessation of operations.

However according to CERN controllers and the publicly-viewable web readouts (now back online) the LHC’s magnets stayed chilled down to their operating temperature, just 1.9 degrees above absolute zero – colder than deep space. This is critical, as re-chilling the magnets had they warmed beyond a certain point would have been a lengthy and involved process.

“Diesels cut in OK” noted the controllers, adding that the Meyrin site is now drawing limited grid power from an alternative connection via the Prevessin site. The boffins don’t anticipate resuming operations until at least 18:30 local time today. They later supplied the pic above of the faulty high-voltage component believed to have caused the problem.

The exact cause of the fault remains to be established, though in a machine so complex a lot of routine teething troubles are to be expected. However, with interest in the LHC so intense, colourful speculation is to be anticipated.

“Maybe it was a birdy bread-bomber from the future,” jokes Chris Stephens of the LHC Portal – referring to the well-known wingnut theory that that the mere possibility of the LHC unmasking certain phenomena engenders forces which act backwards through time to sabotage it before this can happen.

We ourselves find it hard not to suspect the involvement of some pan-dimensional police force, seeking to prevent humanity acquiring parallel-universe portal capability before we’re ready to use it responsibly. ®

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A prediction on Neanderthal cloning

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Neanderthals in folk memory

Recently quantities of DNA have been extracted from Neanderthal fossil skeletons. Despite any moral considerations, I suspect that once the complete sequence is available someone will attempt to produce a Neanderthal clone. Before this happens, I would like to make a specific prediction about the result.

Fairy Tale Dwarf

A memory of the Neanderthals ?

There is a common theme that runs through Northern European folklore and childrens nursery stories. Many of these tales contain one or more villains who share certain traits no matter where the story originates. They are usually short, ugly, bad tempered and bearded. They usually live on the edge of civilisation in a cave or forest. Dependent on the country or culture originating the story they will have different names; Dwarves, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls, Leprechauns, etc, but otherwise they are very similar.

I suggest that this is not just coincidence or an old story having been passed around over a long period of time. These are the folk memories of our ancestors from 30,000 years ago (ref As our cro-magnon forbears expanded their territories, conventional thinking has it that the Neanderthals were not well equipped to compete (possibly due to differences in technology, possibly changes in the environment arising from climate change). The fossil record would appear to show that the Neanderthals were forced to migrate further North and West ahead of the Cro-Magnon advance (although some of the last Neanderthal fossils were found on the Spanish peninsular). I suggest that stories arose in our ancestors cultures that record the strange people who lived on the fringes of villages, shying away from contact with people. In the same way that modern xenophobic culture has expressed racism and attacks on those who appear differently from the bulk of the population, it would seem reasonable to assume that the cro-magnons would have treated the Neanderthals as outcasts, making them social scapegoats and evil spirits.

The Prediction

So far the idea sounds reasonable although some might question whether folk tales could be preserved for 30,000 years. Compare this with biblical tales which were originally passed by word of mouth from around 5000 BC and it can be seen that fascinating stories have a way of being preserved. However, if this supposition is correct, can a specific testable prediction be made ? It can be noted that many of the characterisics of the dwarves and ogres of folk tales described above could apply to certain members of the modern population. What do the tales describe that is not seen today ? I predict that the cloned Neanderthals will have pointed ears !

Devils and Demons have pointed ears too

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I previously considered the dwarves and other creatures of Northern European folklore that are short stocky that are good candidates for racial memories of Neanderthals and made the prediction that if they are ever cloned they will have pointed ears. Following on from this, I realised that the devils and demons of Judeao – Christian mythology are also often described with pointed ears. If my theory is correct this would be expected as the first and most prolonged contact between Neanderthals and our Cro-Magnon ancestors occurred in the Middle East along the Levant where these cultures originated, following their migration north from Africa around 50,000 years ago.

A control on this would be consideration of East Asian and other cultures that did not come in to contact with Neanderthals. Do they have a “pointed eared” mythology ? I would be extremely grateful for information on this from the readers. I would suspect that stories from the Indian sub continent would not count as the people currently living there are of caucasian extraction and would probably have shared the migration route through the Levant.

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